Thursday, October 30, 2008


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

Starting out with a chuckle:
Studio Assistants -- The Weaving Studio

This time I find that I have not one but two favorite posts: 
Two Years of Weaving -- Tien's Blog
Looms are Made of Wood... -- Dot's Fibre to Fabric

Welcome a new blogging weaver – Dust Bunnies Under My Loom: 
My Debut  
Finally I'm Weaving  

Another new weaver (but not a new blogger!):
Well, the Loom is All Set Up -- Knitting in August

Laura talks about weaving in a series:
Next Shawl -- Weaving a Life (Laura Fry)

Cally plunges on with her Summer&Winter and skeleton tie-ups:
Organizing My Feet  
Giving my Feet a Hand  

More weaving posts:
Tie on a Warp -- Shirley Treasure
Weaving and Thinking -- Doni's Deli
Working on Overdrive -- The Deep End of the Loom
Summer and Winter: Treadling -- Leigh's Fiber Journal
Mug Rugs -- Seabreeze Spinners
Flowers and Lace: The Finale -- Thrums
Patterning, or Why You Should Measure Your Samples -- Tien's Blog
Rigid Heddle Loom Review Updated -- River City Weaves
WOW! Group - Part I - World Traveler Returns -- Fiber Investments
French Vanilla -- Constance Rose Textile Design
Arbutus Scarf -- Weaving a Life (Salt Spring Weaving)
The Start of a New Project -- Weaverly
So What Have I Woven Lately -- Weaving Spirit
Painted Warp Drying -- Sandra's Loom Blog
Rhinebeck and Studio -- Fun with Fiber
Does Good Weaving Have to Hurt?  Part 2: Background -- Unravelling
This Project Needs a Time Out       Honeysuckle Loom
How to Use An Autodenter -- Tangled Threads
Letters -- (Work) ShopUrsula 
She's weaving LOTS of towels!
Towels -- Sharing the Fiber Fever

Two good posts by Funny Farm on weaving rag rugs:
Rag Rug Prep  
More on Rag Rug Weft   

Weaving with handspun from The Weaving Studio:
Alien Mist Scarf, Part II   
Malachite and Redwood Scarf  

Some lovely Swedish towels.  go to Google Translate to read if you don't read Swedish:
Handduksväven -- KDes InspirationsBlogg

Four Non-weaving Blog Posts

What is Good Taste, Good Design, and How to be Creative -- Fashion Incubator

I'm not sure I could do this, but maybe it's worth a try?
One Week on the Low Information Diet -- Tools for Thought

Making Money as an Artist -- Painting Blog

A Graphic History of the Color Pink -- Colour Lovers Blog

"Recent Posts from other Blogs" was written by Margaret Carpenter for Talking about Weaving and was originally posted on October 30, 2008. © 2008 Margaret Carpenter aka Peg in South Carolina


saoriweaver said...

Thanks for this great resource - and also for including one of my posts :)

I have added your site to my blogroll.

Happy Weaving,

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you Terri. I appreciate your adding my site to your blogroll.