Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. I had done something wrong in the last post. What was it?


I should not have referred to those treadles tied up on shafts 1 and 3 and shafts 2 and 4 as tabby tie-ups or tabby treadlings. In other structures those are the shafts that are tied up for tabby treadlings, but NOT in this particular structure.

Here is what happens if I take that 8-block-on-4-shafts crackle, tie up Only so-called tabbies tied uponly the so-called “tabbies”, and then treadle polychrome style. Kind of interesting but the structure is NOT plain weave!

"Polychrome 8-blocks-on-4-shafts Treadling Once Again" was written by Margaret Carpenter for Talking about Weaving and was originally posted on October 15, 2008. © 2008 Margaret Carpenter aka Peg in South Carolina


Leigh said...

This is interesting because it's the same with summer & winter. I still have trouble mentally grasping that the tabby sheds are tie-down shafts (1 and 2) versus pattern shafts (all the rest). I'm anxious to get weaving on it because then it will make sense again.

It is fun to experiment though, isn't it?

Jane said...

You've got to love those middle of the night brain alerts. :-) Just dropping in to say Hi, and to let you know I'm putting a bookmark in your last few posts.

My beloved is taking vacation days this week and we are (for the most part) away from the computer. I want to be able to focus on your recent posts next week when I can give them the time that they deserve.

In the meantime --"Hi!" :) :)


Peg in South Carolina said...

Leigh, yes, starting to weave again will help. And then you will probably go back to thinking and then back to weaving.......... And yes, it's loads of fun to experiment!

And hi to you Jane. Have a lovely time away from the computer.