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Final Working Draft alternating treadles 1 color

Note the “A” in the title is not “The.”  And put the emphasis on “working,” not on “final”!  Not done by a long shot but am getting there.

This draft consists of slightly under 334 warp ends (I am excluding the blanks between warp block groups).  I can’t quite tell how many treadles because the other two drafts are at the top of the draft page in my WIF file but are not visible here.  At this point it looks like there are roughly the same number of treadles (not including the binder threads) as warp ends.

I have a lot of rethinking to do because the threading blocks are either one or two units wide in the draft.  In reality, working with 60 ends per inch, I will have to increase the widths of the threading blocks. 

The last crackle I wove had 8 threading units in each block.  I liked that.  That will have to be the width of the major blocks here.  I fear I may be able to have only two side panels.

Similarly with the treadlings.  Here on the largest treadling block there are 10 treadles (not counting the binder treadles).  This too shall have to be altered.  But first I have to deal with the threading issues.

My next steps will be:

1. Working on the threading so that I create the same effect as is shown here but on the larger scale real life weaving demands.


2. Deciding that I want to weave a wider piece, a shawl or yardage, for example. 

The second path is very tempting. 

1. I am clearly not going to make the deadline for the Washington D.C. show no matter what I do.

2. I did “promise” a long time ago that I was ready to up the challenge of weaving this structure in fine silk from narrow scarves to wider shawls. 

3. I like what I have done with the threading blocks and really do not want to compromise the threading design.

Based on these thoughts (and forgetting about the difficulties weaving wider with fine silk creates…….sigh………), I think I will continue to work on this threading in the light of making a wider piece.

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