Monday, July 27, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

I have been neglecting my E-sketchbook as of late. The reason? I have become focused on my next crackle project. This means that weaving ideas that jump into my head during those odd moments are all about this current project. They are not free-floating someday ideas or inspirations that I like and might someday find a way to use. Or not.

When I focus on a project, all my thoughts, ideas, go into Word Perfect documents, into WIF files, and into images I keep in My Pictures folder. Except for this last, I keep these together in a folder in my Crackle folder. Sometimes I copy images into these documents.

But then Nigel’s latest blog post appeared. He is using his blog to record in great depth his experiences in his first year of intensive study in Woven Textile Design. I love his posts because they are all so exciting to read. They are not only informative but they capture something of the essence of what it is like to be doing this course. He brings all the excitement and agony of it very much alive.

But this particular post has a bit about sketchbooks. Nigel is keeping a “real” sketchbook for the course he is doing. As he talked about ways of doing this, I found myself thinking, this is exactly what I need to do!

My ideas about this next crackle project are still fuzzy and fluid. I am doing a lot of grappling and looking and thinking. Much of this does not really belong in a Work Perfect document at all. Indeed, it is hard to read it there and sort it all out. It belongs in a………drum roll here…………an E-Sketchbook dedicated to this particular project.

And so I have begun. The first two pages:


There is a downside to this focus on my next project. When I cut this warp off the loom, I am going to want to work with analyzing the samples. I have already forgot about the scarf I wove. So it is going to be hard for me to go back to it in order to fix errors, wet-finish, braid fringes………..

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