Thursday, July 23, 2009


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Where’s The Juice? – In this piece, Robert Genn addresses what I might call, “artistic mid-life crisis.” The piece is about artists’ losing faith in themselves in the course of their careers, something many people do in the course of their lives. Genn doesn’t tell the reader how to fix it, something I appreciate. But he does give snippets of how other artists have dealt with the problem. As for myself, I am not at that point yet. But as I continue to pursue weaving, I know I am pushing myself closer and closer to just such a crisis and hope only that I have the strength to weather it.


I just happened upon a piece called “10 Qualities of Slow Cloth.” Go here to check it out.

For my take on slow weaving, go to this old but still relevant post.


Bonnie has an interesting post on color sampling. I find her unique use of color windings fascinating. Go here to read about it.

Dyeing 101: Know Your Dyes -- this is an excellent post from The Roving Gnome on the differences between acid dyes, reactive dyes and direct eyes. If you are a chemist or know anything about chemistry, you will appreciate the detail with which he goes into the chemistry of these dyes. And if you are not a chemist, this is a must-read post for any dyer or future dyer. The Gnome knows his stuff.

Kindred Threads has created the most amazing shadow weave bag. Go here to see it and learn how she did it.


For an inside look at what she calls her “sketch book/record book/project notebook,” go to this post from Daryl’s Blog. It is beautifully done.

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Anonymous said...

Um - I think you might find that The Gnome is most definitely a 'he'....

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I have made the correction.