Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina


But not off the loom, not mended, fringes not twisted, not wet finished, not pressed.  And it’s staying on the loom for a bit.

I have made preparations for doing a bit of sampling on the last of this warp.

Between scarf and end of warp sampling

After securing the closing shots of the scarf with junk yarn, I inserted a number of sticks into the different sheds until I had enough to do a fringe on the scarf.  These are the same sticks I use to separate warp layers when beaming on. Then I threw a few shots of heavy rug yarn and then a few shots of 10/2 cotton.

Now I am ready to sample.

But I don’t have a whole lot of room left for the sampling.

Back Rod at Beam Bottom

The back rod is at the bottom of the back beam.  That means it won’t be long before it lifts off the beam and starts rising to the back of the loom.  When that happens, how much I can continue to weave is based on the quality of the warp tied on to that back rod.  It’s not actually tied on to the back rod;  the rod was inserted through loops.  That makes the chances pretty good that it will be fine.  But I never know and don’t count on anything.

Those extra little warp ends going round and round the beam are the extra warp ends I hadn’t needed when I was done threading.  I had just thrown them to the back, cutting them as short as I could.

Also visible is one of the intarsia bobbins I use to wind the selvedge weft on to.  I then attach weights to it with shoe laces.

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Delighted Hands said...

So , are you happy it is finished or just relieved it is done?! It has definitely pushed your limits and that was a good thing, I would think.

Peg in South Carolina said...

I am happy it is finished, but not for the reason you might have guessed. I am happy because I am now trying out some possibilities for my next project. Colors will be totally different from this one, but the treadling experiments will still be useful.