Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina
Leigh, in one of her comments, has called attention to my prolific blog writing. Or at least to her it seems prolific now that her time is being taken by moving house.

My snap answer was that I love to write. Well, I do!

But it is much more than the love of the writing that keeps me writing. It is how my writing and weaving have become almost indissolubly linked. Blog writing is (mostly!) a pleasure in itself, but it also moves my weaving forward.

On those days when I cannot blog, which, fortunately, are few and far between, I am dreadfully frustrated, just as I am dreadfully frustrated on a day I cannot weave.

This week is going to be low blogging and low weaving and, although it is because of another activity I dearly love going on this week, still I am frustrated. But, much as I love weaving, I also love music and will not sacrifice this week’s activities for the sake of weaving and blogging.
More days in a week would be lovely. But there would still be choices.

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Dave Daniels said...

Over all my years of blogging, I know EXACTLY how you feel. There are some days when I have SO much to write about, and other times when the words are hard to come by. And days when I only want to edit photos and nothing else. I've learned to just do what I can, put it into my FrontPage, and work, write, edit as I go. Sometimes, I can write two week's worth of posts, and I'd just load them and take the break.
Bloggin', it's interesting how many ways there are to make it work into our lives.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thanks for your comment, Dave. I don't think I've every written two weeks of blog posts at a time. But there are times when I have a number of rough drafts going. Right now I have noticed a couple I started quite a while ago. Not sure yet what I will do with them, but they were fun to discover.