Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

Alternating treadles 120.2 tabbies

Alternating treadles, heavvy gold tabby 

Here I have juxtaposed the two versions of alternating treadles that I think will be of use in my next project.  Think of the reds and blues as dark grays and browns.  Think of the yellows as a rich lime green.  The lime green at the top would be 120/2 silk.  The lime green at the bottom would be the heavier shiny silk.

This sampling does not represent what will be the ultimate threading block order, nor the order of the treadling blocks, nor the height of the treadling blocks.  It simply gives me a direction of what I can do to accomplish the project I am planning.

All this means that the tabbies will play an important role in the design.  3 shuttles going…….


And one more thing.  I have my new camera and I’m loving it.  It’s an advanced digital camera but not a digital SLR.  Two of the things I like about it: 

1. I get much better close-ups.

2. I only have to do the tiniest bit of tweaking to color in the software.

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