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Laziness – The Painter’s Keys (Robert Genn)

Robert Genn writes a twice-weekly newsletter, really another variant of a blog.  And recently he wrote this piece on laziness.  Much of what he says here spoke to me.  One statement especially caught my attention:

“Know that acquired proficiency breeds love of work.”

I was intrigued by this statement and as I thought about it I began to realize how true this has been for me.  But it is also circular:  love of work breeds, if not proficiency itself, the desire for proficiency and the willingness to do what is required to gain proficiency.

Experiment with Knitted Blanks – Tien’s Blog

I am always interested in reading about experiments with color and Tien’s experiments are a fascinating read.  I was particularly taken by this post on her latest experiments because of the careful analysis she does, both of what is happening and what happens to her predictions.

How to Build Your Own Loom – The Twisted Warp

Here, thanks to The Twisted Warp, I found a video on making your own loom to weave a scarf.  This is fascinating free-style weaving.  Quite the opposite of high-tech computerized weaving.  I was mesmerized. The source of the video is Threadbanger.  This as well is an interesting site to explore.

Fore and Aft Scarf—Off the Loom – Honeysuckle Loom

Though I have only dabbled a bit in it, double weave has always fascinated me.  I still have notions of combining crackle and double weave somehow. This post is an interesting report of the weaving of an unusual double-weave scarf from directions given in a 1998 Handwoven. I am almost tempted……

Reflections on the Berry Warp – T’katch

I do not know whether or not Cally’s post was stimulated by the New Year.  Not only did I enjoy her reflections, but it reminded me of how important it is for me to reflect carefully on what I have woven.  I find it much too easy just to move on to the next thing.  After all, the new holds much more fascination than the old. 

For another good reflection post is Fibre of Being’s Undulating Twill.

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