Friday, January 2, 2009


A week with daughter and grandson was wonderful, exciting, and.........just a tiny bit tiring! After taking them to the airport in Charlotte (about two or so hours away), we spent two days in Charlotte recovering. Recovering, of course, included therapy shopping. When we returned home last night, the house seemed empty. but my mind was busy. I was eager to get on to the next warp.

Unfortunately my computer is in the computer hospital. Fortunately all the information I need for the next warp is not only in the computer but is also printed out on paper.

This next warp is a test warp. I want to learn how canvas weave, a new-to-me structure, works. And I want to get some idea of just how I want to use my hand spun yarns in this structure.

I happened to have some wool yarn roughly equivalent to my hand spun: Harrisville Highland. This yarn is left over from a blanket I wove a few years ago. It is a little finer than the hand spun yarn I am going to use. It is also much less bouncy and springy. Despite these differences (which are not insignificant), working with the Highland should give me some helpful clues.

Making this warp has been a far cry from my usual silk warps of 60/2 silk sett at 60-72 epi and wound in 2" to 1 1/2" bouts. This Harrisville warp, on the other hand, consists of 68 ends wound into two bouts. That is the whole warp.........

Now I need to be very careful that I do not think that this is going to be a quick and dirty warping process. Thinking that way can lead all too easily to disaster.

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