Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

While I was processing the canvas weaving samples, I worked out the threading for the next set of samples and prepared the loom for its new threading.

When I cut the canvas weave samples off the loom, I left plenty of warp yarn at the front to make it easy to re-rethread the heddles.  But as I was cutting and tying slip knots I suddenly thought, oh my gosh, I have no cross!  A moment of silent panic. 

Loom ready for rethreading But I did have the cross. The lease sticks were still there holding the cross.  But they were at the back of the loom, as you can see in the photo. They are being held there by “angel wings,” a neat little tool made by Purrington Looms. What I had not done was to remove the lease sticks from the angel wings and move them from the back of the loom up close to the heddles. 

With the tension totally released,  moving those lease sticks forward would be extraordinarily difficult. But then I tested and learned that I could still pick the cross from the lease sticks in order to thread.  It will just mean a little standing and sitting in order to see what I am doing.  But it is a narrow warp, thick yarn and a wide epi, so picking out the ends from the lease sticks will not be all that difficult.

Before I cut off the woven fabric and the warp was till under tension, I should have removed the lease sticks from their angel wings and brought them up to the heddles.  Will I remember this when I cut off again for another new threading…….?

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