Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

Laura Fry has so many wonderful posts recently that I would have to post them all.  So, just go to her blog, Weaving a Life, and check them all out.

Crackle (Finally) and the Shawl -- Sleeping Dog Weaving
End-Feed Shuttles   
Weaving Magic – Stitch

A new idea for warp packing material

Another Home Run for Ikea -- Shirley Treasure

Collaboration -- The Weaving Diva
First Wood Scarf Finished and the "S" Word -- Sandra's Loom Blog
Color Possibilities with Shadow Weave -- Unravelling
16 Straight -- Weaverly
A Finished Fabric -- Renee Weaves!

The following two posts from Leigh’s Fiber Journal should be read together, as the first is a prelude to the second.
Good Ol' Plain Weave  
Plain Weave Shawl   

One Quarter -- Cyber Fiber Scriber
Colours and Thoughts on Looms -- Dot's Fiber to Fabric
Close Up Colour and Weave -- Dot's Fibre to Fabric
Weaving a Way to Wellness -- Weaving a Life (Salt Spring Weaving)
Actual Weaving -- Deep End of the Loom
What I Wove with the Silk I Dyed -- Hamblecampbell
Second Scarf is Inches Away from Being Done -- Centerweave
Pattern Drafting -- Weave4Fun
Look at Me Warping -- Taueret
Tell Me of This Sounds Crazy -- The String and I
E's Just a "Wittle" Loom -- Straight of the Goods
Sett -- Tien's Blog

The following post excellent, very detailed review of these looms, worth saving even if you think you might not ever use one, 'cuz you just never know......
Rigid Heddle Loom Review -- River City Weaves 

Purses and Change -- Curious Weaver
Best Laid Plans -- Kindred Threads
Tree Scarves -- Avalanche Looms
Guild Exchange -- The Open Shed
Geoff's Scarf -- Fibres of Being


A feast for the eyes;  lots of color inspiration here 
Van Gogh and the Colors of Night  Colour and Design Blog


I read this as a weaver, and it is so applicable.  Tip of the hat to Valerie for this
How to Live Life to the Max with Beginner's Mind -- Zen Habits

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