Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

Wow! Laura Fry has started a blog.  It's called Weaving a Life.  Read her first two posts.
In the Beginning   
In the Beginning, part II  

When the Stars Align -- Woven Thoughts
A Weaving Primer, Part 2 -- House of Wool Repute
First FO from Floor Loom, Questions About New Table Loom -- Taueret
The Web Begins -- Material Thoughts
Bamboo-Silk Finished Shots -- Feberewetopia
There are Good Times and Bad Times  -- A Movable Feast
Weaving for the GCW Exchange Project -- Thrums
Dumb Weaving Tricks -- Sleeping Dog Weaving
Out of the Box -- Works in Progress
Upgraded My Sectional Beam    Tien's Blog
Woven Bracelets -- Delicate Dimensions  (an older post by Nicki on a blog of hers I have just discovered)
Weaving -- Sharing the Fiber Fever  (This includes a video of her weaving.  I noticed immediately how she bends from the  hip and keeps a beautifully straight back.)

Two related posts from Weaverly, one of them an "oops!) moment
The Best Laid Plans   

Two related posts from Constance Rose Textile Design
Seriously Beautiful  
Another fortuitous Mind-Change   

Weaving: What's Next? -- Leigh's Fiber Journal
Been Thinking -- Sampling
My (Mini) Warping Station -- The Weaving Studio
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Weaving Begun on Scarf -- Centerweave
Less is More    Shuttle Pilot
Setting Up for Colour and Weave -- Dot's Fibre to Fabric
Erica's Looonnnnnggggg Weaving Project -- River City Weaves
Weaving on a Jacquard Loom at Convergence -- Sandra's Loom Blog  
Blanket! -- t'katch (I noted the lovely hand hemming........)

Artists, like athletes, need to self-train:
Unconscious Confidence -- The Painters' Keys

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Taueret said...

agh! Your weekly roundups make my blogroll fat! :-)

Peg in South Carolina said...

Yes, more and more weavers are starting blogs. There may come a point when I have to stop reading all of them.........