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Richard Box has some some ideas about proportions of color to be used in embroidery.  On the whole, the proportions he favors are one third of one color and two-thirds of the second.

But this doesn’t mean that he favors using only two colors.  If either of the two colors is a mixed color, that is, a color made up of two or more colors (red-violet, for example), he likes to see a bit of the original colors that make them up (in this case, red and blue) somewhere in the embroidery.

Also, if there is a lot of one color (the color, I would guess, that is used for two-thirds of the piece), he likes to include bits of the color’s complement, yellow-green in the case of red-violet.


Let me apply these ideas, tentatively, to the crackle piece I am preparing for.

The major colors will be green and yellow-green.  My instinct would be to select the green as the dominant of the two colors.  But this is a spring piece, and yellow-greens dominate in that season.  So I am going to go against my instincts and assign the dominant status to yellow-green.

Now I am going to be using a lot of different greens and a lot of different yellow-greens, all the way from quite pure to very dulled, so dulled that they may be read as brown.  I think I will subdivide each of these greens, the pure and the yellowed green, in the same way I divided the over-all greens.  That is, two-thirds of the yellowed greens will be dulled, one third will be bright and pure.  For the greens I am going to have two-thirds of the greens bright and pure, and one-third dulled.   Don’t ask me why.  This is just what I am seeing right now.

Now for some real fun.

Yellow-green contains yellow as well as green.  I have been wanting the whole time to include some highlights of yellow.  Now I have a reason for doing so.

Then the complement to yellow-green is  red-violet.  I already knew I wanted to incorporate some red-violet!  “Heaven, I’m in heaven” as the song goes…..

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Delighted Hands said...

Sounds like an exciting color plan!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you, Delighted Hands.