Thursday, October 22, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

The next thing I needed to calculate was how much yarn I needed.  My arithmetic (never trustworthy, even with a calculator) revealed I would need 8,305 yards of 60/2 silk for warp and another 8,305 yards of the same silk for the pattern wefts. 

The amount figured for weft is not an honest calculation.  An honest calculation would have required me to figure out the picks per inch and multiply this by the amount of yarn one weft shot would require, then figure out how many picks all the weaving (and only the weaving) would require.  I simply took the lazy way out and figured I would need approximately as much warp as weft, assuming, of course, a balanced weave, which this will probably not quite be.

One skein of 60/2 silk from Treenway Silks has approximately 3,500 yards on it.  So I will need a minimum of 4.7 skeins.  I have 6 skeins, but think that for the time being I will wind off only 5 skeins as all my calculations are on the very generous side. 

Then I will need 8,305 yards of 120/2 silk for the binder weft.  Since I will be throwing a binder weft with each pattern shot (surely, this is bordering on insanity……..), I figure I need the same amount of binder weft as pattern weft.

One cone of 120/2 silk from Treenway has a little more than 15,000 yards.  I need only one cone.

Now I need to calculate how much I will need of each color, once I have chosen  the colors I plan to use.

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Delighted Hands said...

Just beatiful to think about.......happy skeining!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Bad sinusitis, unfortunately, has blocked my thinking skills!