Monday, August 2, 2010


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

My new computer arrived last Monday.  It took three hours for him to set it up and move files and folders (but not programs).  During that time I worked on tying my warp onto the front beam.  My loom is in the next room, so I could easily respond to questions.  And the tying-on process is an interruptible process.

First I tied each of the one-inch bouts with overhand knots.  Then I cut off a LONG length of slippery cord and used that to lash the war; on to the front rod.  I then decided to tie up the treadles.  Finally, I realized I had not removed the lease sticks from behind the heddles.  Normally by this time I would have moved them from that position to the back of the loom where I would sit them in my Angel Wings from Purrington.  But I had not done that. 

Big mistake.

So I removed the lease sticks entirely.  The raddle was still on the loom.  That would reduce any trouble I might have in locating warp ends should one decide to up and break.  But what I had not counted on was…………..all the various loose ends at the back of the warp!

I went to the front to pull on them.  Didn’t help.  All I could do was pull those ends that were loose up to the front of the loom and that, believe me was a royal mess.  I ended up pull everything tight up to the front and reknotting the warp ends.  And then trimming them.  I am only partway through this.
1. I’m just a bit tired of doing this.
2. I am heavily involved in getting all my programs back onto the computer.
The real slowdown with this last has been that I am missing some passwords.  I printed them all out of my program before I turned my old computer over to the computer expert.  What I did not know until the computer had been removed, taken apart for spare parts, and discarded by the company that built my new computer, was that two pages failed to print.  Pages that contained passwords beginning roughly with F and G, and with R and S.  This has sorely tested my patience.

Also testing my patience is also being tested by one of my programs, InfoSelect.   This is a wonderful piece of software for keeping notes about all sorts of things.  And everything is in the same place.  Very very often it is far easier to bring up a page into that program than to open Word Perfect or Microsoft Word.


The software would only read my backup.  It refused to save it because it said I did not have administrative privileges.  Sorry.   I do. But apparently there was no way to communicate that.   So, I ended up copying individual entries and pasting it into the program. I did a lot of cleanup in the process.  I.e., there are a lot of files I didn’t copy because I didn’t need them anymore.  I am almost done……… 

New Computer and Weaving (Not Exactly)”  was written by Margaret Carpenter for Talking about Weaving and was originally posted on August 2, 2010. ©2010 Margaret Carpenter aka Peg in South Carolina.

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