Thursday, August 19, 2010


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

And it does not look promising.  At this point, just looking at

1. The threading – noting the blocks and finding some definite problems and some possible ones

2. The fabric as it appears on the computer screen – finding definite problems

Here is a view of part of the fabric as it appears, treadled in the Italian manner.  This is the treadling I am strongly favoring right now:


How many threading errors can you find?  Two of them really stand out, but there are others.  Why, why, why did I not do this before I even started to thread?  Truly, I am not stupid!  I guess I simply did not realize just how well the software could display the smallest of errors if I used it well.

And here is a clear threading error illustrated in the threading—actually a small cluster of threading errors covering 12 ends:


If you can’t find it in the threading, look at the drawdown and the error is clearly visible.  This, by the way, is on the RIGHT side of the warp, where I did not think there were any errors.  I had seen errors only on the left side…………..

Of course, once I am done with this, I will have to check all this against the actual fabric and threading.  It is possible that

1. I corrected some of the threadings as I did the threading

2. That I simply did not see some of the threading errors in the woven cloth. Alerted, I will now probably see them.

It seems likely at this point (not yet finished with the analysis) that I am going to rethread the whole thing. 

Well, I am not done yet.  And tomorrow we leave for a weekend in Charlotte.  That will get me away from all of thlis and I will return ready to tackle anything that needs to be tackled.  Or, at that is the hope!

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Checking the Threading in the Software” was written by Margaret Carpenter for Talking about Weaving and was originally posted on August 19, 2010. ©2010 Margaret Carpenter aka Peg in South Carolina


Leigh said...

I must be victim of the galloping horse syndrome because I found it after you gave the hints! That makes it easy to want to say, "It's ok Peg" but as a weaver I know it isn't. It's frustrating.

Did you enter the Blue Ridge Fiber (formerly Handweaving) Show this year?

Anonymous said...

Yes, take the weekend off! When you are relaxed and refreshed, then the rethreading will go like a dream. Well, so one always hopes.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Leigh, the piece I am now weaving (grin!) was intended for the show as well as a handspun piece which will follow this. Needless to say, the timing is a bit off.......
Cally, yes, the weekend off was good. But now there is another small chapter in what is turning out to be the great saga of a crackle warp.