Friday, April 16, 2010


Posted by Peg in South Carolina 

Here is the full draft of the version with the corrected threading.






In the third threading block, I needed to double the ends of shafts 3 and 7 where one of the points of that crackle twill unit in.  When I am dealing with the following crackle units, I always have trouble figuring out things. 

1. The third crackle unit threading in this draft:  1 4 3 4
2. The fourth crackle unit threading in this draft:  1 2 1 4

In the first threading unit (1 2 3 2 1) and in the second threading unit (2 3 4 3 2) it is visually clear to me where the turning points are.  But visually, it is not so clear to me in the third and fourth units.  Just a funny quirk in the way my mind works, I guess.

And here is the miniaturized version of draft with the corrected threading but with the treadling doubled at the points to reflect the threading.

image Correcting the threading did nothing about the slant on the left side of the draft, but it did eliminate the messy business between that slant and the horizontal effect right side of the draft.



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(Yes, I made a mistake in the title of the post. I should correct it…………..)

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Susan said...

I don't know how you did it or what happened in the cyber universe, but your blog showed up on my blog list as 'newly updated'!

Great to have you back on active duty!


Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you Susan. I'm glad to know the fix worked.