Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Posted by Peg in South Carolina 


This started out as an attempt to see what would happen if I varied the number of treadles in the different treadling blocks.  I learned that I could create curves that way, something I had not anticipated.

I had played with varying the number of treadles in 4-shaft crackle, but certainly did not come up with anything like this.  Go to the post, 4-Shaft Crackle 01.12.10 to see what transpired there.


By the way, tabby is needed but not indicated.  It is needed because those long warp ends (the black threads) need to be tied down. 

Tying down the warp ends with tabbies will have another affect as well.  It will break up those narrow black/white bands so that they will look a bit more like plain weave.  Depending on the color and the fineness of the tabby wefts, they will also to some extend break up the pattern.  If I use tabbies the same color as the warp, the black pattern blocks will be little affected.   If I uses tabbies the same color as the weft, the white pattern blocks will be little affected.


Diamonds to Curves” was written by Margaret Carpenter for Talking about Weaving and was originally posted on March 3, 2010. ©2010 Margaret Carpenter aka Peg in South Carolina.

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