Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Posted by Peg in South Carolina 

I am using three variants of the medium to very dark green/browns I dyed earlier for the warp yarns.  I had thought of many very complicated ways of using these three shades.  But then reason prevailed:  since the color/block designing in the weft yarns as I weave is going to be fairly complex, best to keep the color design of the warp very simple.

I decided on a formula I thought might be pleasing:

Two-thirds of the warp will consist of the two darkest shades (what I call dark and very dark; one-third will consist of the medium shade.

Then for the two-thirds part (the darkest part), two thirds of that total will consist of the darkest shade and one third of that total will consist of the next darkest shade.

And so I came up with the following numbers:

#1 (darkest green/brown) = 706 ends or 353 ends on   each outside end 
#2 (dark green.brown) = 350 ends or 175 ends on each side next to middle 
#3 (medium green brown) = 544 ends in middle

As for arrangement, the shades are going to progress from the darkest on the outside to the medium in the center back to the darkest on the other side.

Translated into numbers that I can actually work with at the warping board:

Warp ends 1 through 353 = darkest green/brown
Warp ends 354 through 529 = dark green/brown
Warp ends 529 through 1,070 = medium green/brown
Warp ends 1,071 through 1,246 = dark green/brown Warp ends 1,247 through 1,600 = darkest green/brown

I will also make sure that I use the darkest green/brown for floating selvedges.

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James said...

Peg - I love your blog. Those green and brown hanks are exactly my colours - like the colours on my blog and the colours I am wearing today.

Janet in Seattle/Dublin

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you, Janet!