Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

End of warp sampling off loom

The samples at the top, the polychrome treadlings, are all woven with no beinder wefts.

The remaining samples are all woven with binder threads.

The binder threads are all 120/2 silk in various colors.  The pattern threads, with a couple of exceptions, are all 60/2 silk. The exceptions are the yellow pattern threads in the overshot treadlings:  these are the silk tram which is at once a bit heavier and much shinier than the 60/2 silk.

To view the sample hanging on the door that this new one replaced, go to this post.

The treadlings that interest me for the next warp are the alternating treadles with binder wefts.  It is time to begin working in the weaving software with colors closer to what I will be actually using.

To read more about the treadlings that interest me, go to this  post and also to this post.

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