Thursday, August 6, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

Remember the overshot treadling?  The treadles were all over the place with no particular pattern.  I realized I could fix that.  All I had to do was to move the tie-up around.  Here is what happens to the draft with the warp blocks treadled in a diagonal line when I mess with the tie up.  (The original tie-up is to the right):


Diagonal warp blocks easy treadling tieup

The fabric has not changed  because of the re-arranging of the tie-up. All that has happened is that the treadles follow a nice logical sequence, reflecting, in fact, what is actually going on in the fabric. This would be very easy to treadle.

But this new tie up will not work for the weft blocks treadled in a diagonal line.  Those treadles were also helter-skelter, but they were differently helter-skelter than those for the warp blocks.  Messing with the tie-up once again results in this:

Diagonal weft blocks easy treadling tieup

No change in the fabric. Same easy treadling. Only the tie up has changed by re-arranging them.

I have known about the concept of re-arranging tie-ups to get easier treadling.  Indeed, there have been times as I was weaving that I had thought about actually doing this.  But this is the first time I have actually fiddled with the software to accomplish easier treadling.

To this novice, it seems like a minor miracle!  Weaving software may not be so good for things like color or texture, but for the actual drafting, it really does make miracles possible, or at least much easier.

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