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Weaving Begun

This time at the beginning I did repeat each motif unit twice, just as I did when I began the first time.  But this second time I did not leave red spaces between each motif unit group of two.  Instead, I moved directly to the next group.


In the background red, I used two different red wefts—one quite bright, the other rather dull.  I created three 4-bit binary sequences which I threaded together to make a 16-bit pattern.  I let 0 stand alternating shots of bright red and dull red.  I let 1 stand for 2 shots of dull red alternating with 2 shots of bright red. This created a design unit 128 shots high.  Woven, this measures just slightly short of one inch.  The red that follows the gold sequencing measures just short of two inches, or two design units.

The result is a bit of surface interest with a vague sense of regularity in th length of the cloth. This is in addition to the clear regularity of the lengthwise stripes of threading groups.  Weaving in this way also keeps the process of weaving interesting.


1. The obvious question now is whether or not I should use this same design unit for each of the red spaces between the gold designs.  And, if I do change it, how should I change it.  Any changes need to be subtle as the focus is to be on the gold designs.  So my best guess at the moment is that I will retain a 16 bit pattern, but design that pattern just a bit differently each time I get to the red spaces.

2. Of more concern to me right now is the design of the upcoming gold motif section.  At this point I have only the vaguest notion of what I am going to do.


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