Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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The Wise Juror -- A post on nurturing your own individual voice in creating art. Listen to your work is the advice. From Robert Genn’s newsletter, “The Painter’s Keys.”

Pretty Sketchy – an interesting point of view on what sketch books are all about, namely, about thinking.  And don’t miss the link to the Flickr group.

Must Read Book: Brain RulesScott Berkun’s review of this book (Brain Rules) has definitely caught my interest.

Build a Self-Development Day – I wouldn’t build mine in the way that Persistence Unlimited does on this blog post, but I would like to play with his ideas in my own way.  I’d be curious if any of you have ideas of how you might plan your own self-development day.

Tips for Survival as an Artist--from Michael Shane Neal: Part 1 – I found this very interesting.  For me personally, the paragraph on setting aside a part of each day for study was most gratifying.  As you might remember, I have decided to do that.  And, if you have been noting my closing quotations on recent posts, you know the book I am currently reading!

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