Friday, May 15, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

Stacey has a post called Beginnings and Growth on her blog, The Loom Room. She has pulled together in one very well-written essay many of my disparate thoughts about weaving in general: following a path, putting in your apprentice years, jealousy of other weavers. And illuminating all of this is her analogy with music, a profession to which she had once dedicated herself. I am very grateful for this essay.

I ran across an interesting piece called It’s Play Time. It’s about the magic this author believes can happen when workaholics “let go”. In the piece she suggests ways we might learn how to let go a bit.

Creative Lessons from Renee Magritte is an interesting piece on creativity by Scott Berkun. Berkun talks a great deal about creative thinking as it relates to technology and management areas. But much of what he has to say in this area is equally applicable to the arts (including weaving……). I thought this one of his very good posts.


When I looked at the photos Janice Zindel had posted on her blog of her studio here, I gasped. I had found my Paradise! I know it requires lots of dusting, and upkeep. But here in South Carolina, where builders seem to build houses with windows that are permanently closed, I keep the whole house open as much as I can so we get lots of dust as well.

Even better is the fact that her house is in the north woods of Wisconsin. Raised in southern Wisconsin, I have always believed those north woods to be God’s country. And just to tempt you, I just must steal one of her many photos to give you a glimpse. Janice, I hope that you forgive me.


(Quotation courtesy of Resurrection from Robert Genn’s email newsletter, “The Painter’s Keys.”)

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