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My New Cone Winder – Woven’N’Spun

An ingenious way of using a bobbin winder and a foam cone to wind yarn onto a cone.  The only thing she forgets to say is that the yarn must be wound moving rapidly up and down, crisscrossing the cone. This way, layers of yarn don’t dig into earlier layers of yarn and the whole thing will unwind smoothly. 

If you spindle spin, you will recognize this as the way you wind the spun yarn onto the spindle. 

If  you spin on a wheel with a WooLee Winder, it winds the spun yarn on in the same way which is why those bobbins are wound much tighter and firmer that on wheels without WooLee Winders.

Woven Ratios an essay by Barbara Walker on WeaveZine.

This piece really appealed to me because it is about a weaving technique I have been playing with (in my head) and thinking about as a good way to use my hand spun yarn.  The weaving technique is called color-and-weave, but what is different about Walker’s piece is that she analyzes how to use color in terms of intensity or strength and proportion when developing a color and weave drawdown. 

Her discussion of color is applicable to weaving structures in general. 

When she discusses intensity, she is not so interested in the varying intensities a single color can have, but a comparison of the intensities of the different hues.  This is because she is interested in teaching how one can successfully use two different hues which seem quite strident by getting the proportions right in terms of the amount of each hue that is used.

Temples…love ‘em or hate ‘em – Dust Bunnies Under My Loom

I have not been using temples lately.  Lynnette has reminded me how useful they can be.  For those who don’t really know how to use this tool, do check out her post.

Imaging Weaves – Curiousweaver

A very interesting post on fashion drawing.  In her discussion she gives a link to a fascinating download of fashion templates.  I intend on downloading it. 

mannequin Meanwhile, I have tried my own experiment by copying and pasting a Vogue pattern image into Paint Shop Pro and playing with it.   It would be hard to draw a scarf on it with a mouse and I don’t have a Wacom tablet






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