Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

I have separated the samples meant for this Fall’s Complex Weaver’s Crackle Exchange from Crackle Exchange Samples the rest of the samples.  I cut the piece into 10 samples you see in the photo.  These samples will go to the eight members of the group who are participating (including myself), to Complex Weavers for its library and to a Canadian library for Complex Weavers.


Each sample is full width and 7” long.  I overcast the edges with my sewing machine.  I soaked them for 30 minutes in hot water with a little Johnson’s baby shampoo (if it’s gentle enough for baby’s hair, surely it is gentle enough for my silk!).  I rinsed them twice. The second time was in cold water with a bit of vinegar added (When I was a child, my mother had me do this with my own hair.  Had I been blonde, she would have used lemon juice.)  I laid them to dry on a drying rack.

When they were dry, I pressed them hard on the board you see in the photo. When I say “hard,” that means I put my body weight onto that iron.   Also, lots of steam.  I pressed both sides.  That hard pressing is what produces the miracle of thin, shiny, drapeable fabric.

Now for the paperwork…….


The board sits directly on my ironing board.  It is called a Big Board and comes with a pad and cover which I use for other items.  Go here if you want to learn more about it.  I don’t sew as much as I once did, but I still find it invaluable when I do sew.

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bspinner said...

Your samples are amazing!!!!! I hope you post pictures of the samples you receive in the exchange.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you bspinner. I'm not sure about the ethics of posing pictures of the samples the others have woven. Perhaps Leigh or others could chime in here?