Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

I put the silk tram on the skein winder. And this is what it looked Silk Tram on skein winder like. I had snapped the skein and snapped the skein. Look at all those loose and flyaway ends! Do you think I was just a bit nervous? You better believe it!

I had checked and double-checked that the yarn was coming through the ties properly. I did this because one of my thoughts has been that I do not get all the yarns on correctly. And because this yarn is so flyaway, I really had to work at examining carefully the yarn at each tie.

Then I tied the half of the skein tightly with red yarn that was going to come of the skein winder second. The idea was to keep the yarns from the first half tangling with the yarns of the second. As I was doing this I did discover loops at two of the ties. As I checked these out I realized that they needed to be corrected so that those yarns would go on the winder correctly.

So what happened? Here is a photo of both the skeins wound onto cones. Silk Tram on conesThe skeins wound off almost perfectly! Doesn’t the yarn look shiny, shiny?! Wouldn’t it be glorious for the weft for an entire piece?!

Indeed, with the second one a slight problem occurred that caused me to remove the ties around the second half. Still, there was only one place that I had to tie a knot and that was because there was a cut end somewhere in the middle of the skein. I had seen that when I was putting the skein on the winder but have no idea how that happened.

For all my worry about this silk tram, it wound on the cones just fine. What a relief.

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Winding the Silk Tram” was written by Margaret Carpenter for Talking about Weaving and was originally posted on April 29, 2009. ©2009 Margaret Carpenter aka Peg in South Carolina

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