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Several bouts were twisted.  All were satisfactorily fixed.   Except one.  This was the second bout on the loom.  So it was the View of the Raddle second-to-last bout I got to thread. The black arrow travelling to the right along the warp ends, away from the raddle, is the last of that second bout.  These ends have not yet been theaded.

Half of the warp ends went over the back lease stick and under the front lease stick.  The other half of the warp ends just floated on top.  What to do?

I kept my raddle on the loom just for the purpose of using it to help me thread this bout.  What I did was to go back to the raddle, grab the ends in one 1/4-inch section and pull those ends away from the rest of the bout so that my next threading would be from those ends only. 

As I threaded, I alternated the ends I chose, one floater, one non-floater.  But the floater I inserted through the lease sticks in opposition to the way the non-floaters went in.

When I finished threading that section.  I pulled out the next section and repeated.  And so on.

Not fun. But I think it worked.  At least it all looks nice and neat.  So now I can remove the raddle.

Removing the raddle is very important. But not for the weaving.  I made the raddle by nailing finishing nails to a length of wood I had rounded the edges on and sanded smooth. 

I did a horrible job, in the nailing, that is.  But that does not matter.  What does matter, however, is that 21-month-old grandson is arriving for a short visit on Thursday and that instrument of torture has to be off the loom and hidden away. 

Oh yes, his mother is coming also……….

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