Friday, February 27, 2009


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

To listen to and watch a wonderful talk on creativity, go to this blog post by Artist, Emerging: Creativity. There you will find a YouTube video—an extremely engaging talk on creativity by writer Elizabeth Gilbert. She presents a way of thinking about creativity that I was familiar with only from my reading on art in historical contexts, a notion that creativity comes not from within the artist, but from a “being” external to the artist. I was so enchanted with Gilbert’s performance and with the words that she spoke, that I could not stop watching or listening.

Kristin has been playing at making handwoven beads and creating jewelry with them.  I never would have thought!  Go take a look at her blog post here.

Amelia of The Bellwether has been running a series of articles on the rigid heddle loom.  A former rigid heddle weaver (I still have the loom so it may come to me again) who has tried a lot of the things she suggests, I find this a series not to be missed.  Not to be missed by a rigid heddle weaver.  Not to be missed by a would-be weaver.  And really, not to be missed by any weaver.  Whether weavers use a rigid heddle loom or not, I think that the knowledge that Amelia is giving us is worth our having.  I do hope that someday she edits these essays to publish them in monograph form.  It would be a treasure.  Go here to read her latest essay.

Thanks to Nigel’s Weaving Blog I have found a website of a young weaver who produces work that truly inspires me.  Her name is Ptolemy Mann and her work can be seen here.   I love her use of color and even more I love how she constructs the displays of her work.

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Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

You're very kind about my RH posts -- I often wonder how big a risk they are, as I'm learning and writing at the same time :)

Thanks for these pointers to interesting blogs -- you help my blogroll grow every time you post one!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Amelia, writing is a good way of reinforcing learning. I would imagine that if you ever do create a monograph based on these posts, there will be quite a bit of re-writing. I hope that you are glad your blogroll is growing!