Friday, September 3, 2010


Posted by Peg in South Carolina


Chuck held warp ends taut and pressed treadles.  I got the lease sticks in. 
You can tell from the tautness and neatness of the threads, those that are still attached to the woven cloth.  And it is clear that these are not tabby sheds.  As I said, you cannot get tabby on this threading.

Rethreading prep from back

The messier side is where the warp ends had been disconnected at the fell and Chuck was holding them.  Though I don’t have perfect tabbies, these sheds, combined with the raddle divisions, should give me a good enough way to make choices when I start threading.
My next step was to pull all those ends out of their heddles. When I did this, I discovered that there were some ends that had not been caught in the lease sticks at all. I was able to use my raddle (still sitting on the back beam) to determine where those ends were to be inserted into the lease sticks.


So I have begun the threading.  Not quite halfway through.  It is harder going than when I did it originally.  Normally when I thread, I remove the back beam and the cloth beam.  Doing this allows me to get closer to the heddles.  Since, however, the right half of the warp is still attached to the cloth beam, I had to leave both beams in place.  This means some awkward leaning over to reach the heddles.  Not easy on the back.

Sometimes I stand.  Sometimes I sit.  Neither way is perfect but at least it changes my body position.

When I inserted the lease sticks, I did not choose the best sheds.  Not realizing it, I had chosen sheds that always left 3-4 warp ends next to each other either going under or going over the lease sticks.  I am hoping that this will not create a problem when I start to weave.  I worry about sheds not clearing properly.  Only time will give me the answer to this one!

Re-Threading” was written by Margaret Carpenter for Talking about Weaving and was originally posted on September 3, 2010. ©2010 Margaret Carpenter aka Peg in South Carolina


Anonymous said...

Your perseverance with this warp is inspiring! I've encountered so many problems that had to fixed before continuing, I often think I'm mad to continue with this hobby, but somehow, I always return. I look forward to seeing your continued progress!

Sandyleo said...

First let me say, I enjoy your blog. Thanks for doing it.

And this is not exactly a comment on your post, but rather an invitation to a fiber workshop in the Charleston area on Oct. 9 -- and a hope that you might post about it to help us get the word out to SC weavers.

I do hope you are aware of the Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild and our blog:

Here's the link to the information flyer for the workshop:

Thanks, Peg.

Sandy Hutchinson
President, PFAG

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you, spinninglizzy

Sandy, yes, I am aware of the Charleston guild. I joined the first year we moved to Florence, but then I simply found the drive too much on a regular basis.

Sandyleo said...

Peg, yes, I can imagine you found a trek to Charleston too far to be connected to our Guild. Hopefully, we can have that connection through our blogs, now.