Monday, October 6, 2008


Posted by Peg in South Carolina

I don't ordinarily make a statement about my favorite blog post in the list I present, largely because so many of them are favorites! But this week, the following post from Spinninglizzy's Weblog was, for my money, simply outstanding. Perhaps it is the last paragraph that got to me. But in reality, it was her building up to that last paragraph--it was the whole story.

Weaving on a Budget of Practically Nothing and Feeling My Mortality
And as long as you're there, be sure to read these:
Raddle Me This
To Meddle with Treadles and Heddles

Lots of samplers being woven
Double Weave Sampler -- Fibres of Being
Weaving: The First Sampler -- The Weaving Studio
Woven Shibori Sample – Renee Weaves
Two posts from Dot’s Fibre to Fabric
Notes From Weaving My New Colour Sampler
Cloth of Many Colors
Two posts from Sharing the Fiber Fever
Stadium Blanket

More weaving posts
Aloo Aloo? -- Taueret
The Canvas Separator -- The Weaving Studio
Becoming a Weaver -- Weaving a Life (Laura Fry)
A Visit to Bhakti and Mark – Weaverly (Bhakti is one of the authors (Alice Schlein of Weaverly being the other) of "The Woven Pixel" )
For Crying Out Loud -- Weave-4-fun
Scarves -- Fun with Fiber
An Old Loom and a New Loom -- Renee Weaves
Space Dyed Yarn and Plain Weave -- Leigh's Fiber Journal
The Looms Keep on Coming -- Hey Dawn, how's the studio coming?
Warping Wheel Information -- Sandra's Loom Blog

Meg's playing with color-and-weave. Read about it in these posts from Unravelling:
Sewing Seeds
This and That
Making Shapes, Thinking Out Loud
Color and Weave

Weave Geek has been VERY busy with looms……. Read on
Baby Wolf Renovation
Baby Dobby Install
Some Assembly Required
Progress....and Questions

Follow Tien's Blog to read about design process for her latest piece.
Rosepath and Eye Candy
More Eye Candy
Some Color-Mixing Surprises
Photoshop Tricks

Some interesting non-fiber blog posts
Back to Basics -- Painters Keys
To Restore Silence::Open Thread -- Edward_ Winkleman
Creativity Myths: The Lies We Tell Ourselves (and Others) -- Creative Liberty

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Anonymous said...

Well Miss Peg -- it's *all* your fault. I'm supposed to be scurrying around the house getting it spit and polished for today's arrival of my Irish Auntie, and instead I have been reading your weekly blog list and sipping my coffee.

Yes, yes, I could have just read one or two and then roused myself and gotten my little rear in gear -- but no. . . one lead to another and another -- very akin to the old "I'll just throw a few more shots before I get up and . . . "

Yes, I'm going to blame it all on you. :-)

All kidding aside, I love your weekly reading list, and always look forward to it.

Jane <-- who swears she is now *really* going to go get things ready before picking up Auntie at the airport!! I swear, I really do!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites, when you post other interesting blogs. It takes me off onto a journey to read people I don't know if I'd have found other wise.
So, thank you!
Ok, going to start clicking the links and see where I end up next...

Peg in South Carolina said...

Jane and Dave, I'm so glad you like these link collections.

Meg said...

The morality post looks interesting; I've clicked on it several times, but I can't concentrate this week, so I'll have to come back.

Thanks for the highlights, as always, Peg.

Meg the lopsided chipmunk

Peg in South Carolina said...

Meg, sorry you are still lopsided. Maybe next week you can waste some time profitably.......(grin!)

Anonymous said...

Peg, I'm amazed and flattered to find your mention of me here. I find your blog to be a source of inspiration and I've learned so much from you! Thank You for your kind words and encouragement to a new weaver.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your kind words. And you are most welcome as well.