Friday, May 16, 2008


Cally brought me to my senses. She said about my fears of self-delusion:

"I think an artist is always to some extent dissatisfied with what they produce, because that is part of the motivation to keep working, and some things will necessarily be more pleasing to you than others and some things will probably turn out crummy. But if you waited until you were perfectly happy with your work before you called it 'art' then you would never get started at all...."  

What wonderful common sense!

The point is NOT me; the point is the work.  This piece is only the first.

And the pleasure is in the work.  And the joy is, not in the finishing, but in the doing, in the critiquing (yes, even in the critiquing), and in the imagining.  Maybe not in the threading.........(grin!) 

The weaving is NOT about me;  it is about the work.

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Anonymous said...

I just truly weave for the joy of weaving -- of being immersed in and enchanted with the threads, the colors, the textures and the rhythms.

So much of my life was spent in being an overachieving perfectionist, and while that trait is still there -- it has become more of an asset than a liability.

Weaving, is the escape I have given myself in this second half of my life, from the incredible demands I placed upon myself during the first half.

My deal? Just weave. If something fabulous comes out, great. If something OK comes out great -- if something is a wreck, then I learn from it, cut it into tiny pieces and use it to make cards. :-)

Love your blog, Peg!

Weave on!

Leigh said...

Sounds like good problem solving. Wish they all came that easily, for me anyway.