Tuesday, June 7, 2011


weighted warp ends

I beamed on the warp this morning.  This is the picture from the front of the loom showing the weighted warps.  At this point I had only about six more inches to wind on.

The white strings hanging from the top of the loom have loops in the bottom.  Through these loops I thread my floating selvedges so that they raise and lower more easily the way I want them to.

I now have the warp ends removed from the top of the loom and thrown the the heddle frames.  I am reweighting them so that I can easily get the lease sticks moved up close to the heddles in preparation for threading.

The raddle is still sitting on the back of the loom.  I will not remove it until I am done threading and sleying.  If then.


Unknown said...

Do you know the "best friend" of Andreas Möller (http://www.moeller-hamburg.com )?
I use it and I am very happy with it. If you wish I could send you a sketch of this clever and very simple device.

Peg in South Carolina said...

No, Helga, I do not know of this. Can you create a sketch on the computer and send it to me?
ccarpentaratsc.rr.com (I've spelled out the "at" to keep the computers from harvesting it. You, of course, would use an @.
Also, I went to the web site and watched the video. I thought it fascinating. I was amazed by how fast they weave. It was also interesting that the men did the weaving and the women all the finishing! Not surprising in that culture.